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Nomads and No-Zones
by Greta Snider & Vanessa Renwick

Drawn from the raw material of their drifts and detours, here's an album of radical diaries and personal documentaries from two of the West's bravest makers. Gritty glimpses of edgy experience in marginalized cultures, their authentic film stories afford rare access and insight into the lived poetry of a dozen-plus autonomous zones.

A road-savvy Snider freight-hops her way up and down the Coast, tracking from Frisco punk rockers to apocalyptic messengers of the Sonoran desert, gambling and engaging with the losers and visionaries that she meets along the way. Criss-crossing her paths are the barefoot pilgrimages of Portand-based Renwick, whose wise eye and wild heart celebrate the secret meanings of animals and humble things, the agonies and ecstasies of outsider life.


from Greta Snider

  • Hard Core Home Movie
  • Portland
  • No-Zone
  • Urine Man

from Vanessa Renwick

  • The Yodeling Lesson
  • Crowdog
  • Richart (co-directed with Dawn Smallman)
  • Westward Ho
  • 9 Is a Secret
  • Britton, SD (soundtrack by Johnne Eschleman)

Special Features

  • Greta Snider's Flash Animations (Story of My Tattoo, Drinking and Biking, Black Blocker)
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This DVD is NTSC, Region 0 (playable worldwide). For commercial exhibition rates, please contact info@othercinemaDVD.com